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Control Your Natural Gas and Electricity Budgets.


Create an Energy Plan that works for you

Let us help you develop an ENERGY PLAN. The purchasing and management energy in your organization is a complex process that requires constant optimization in order to maximize results and attain budgets. Let us create an Energy Procurement plan to assess your annual energy consumption and ensure your ongoing energy budget needs are met. 

No Obligation Energy

We are so confident that we can help you acquire electricity and natural gas more effectively we will be happy to conduct an energy assessment of your company analyzing current costs, annual as well as seasonal consumption patterns.

Strategic Energy

Control and reduce the cost of your energy and commodities so that you can mitigate risk, ensure budget stability and determine the best supply options. Let us help you formulate a detailed budget on a site by site as well as organization wide level.



Managing your energy expenses can be difficult. Using us as your energy broker will give you free access to us as your energy advisor and consultant. Why react to swings in your natural gas and electricity costs.  Explore procurement options with the help of Your Energy Broker LTD.  We can help with and natural  gas and hydro plans in Alberta and Ontario.  Ask for an energy audit and see how we can help as your trusted energy advisor and consultant.  We can help with a no obligation energy assessment as a first step in establishing a strategic energy procurement plan for your organization.

  • We are DEDICATED to ensure we present you with the best electricity and natural gas solution.

  • Our EXPERIENCE based in running a National Energy supplier coupled with broad general management experience ensuring our solutions add value and protect your bottom line.

  • FLEXIBLE solutions ranging form a seasonal hedge to a multi-year fixed price product as well as Index deals floating with the utility.

  • Gain a better understanding of the energy market as we SIMPLIFY the market and components of your energy spend.

  • Let us help you establish an energy BUDGET that is attainable and measurable.
    There is NO COST to you to use our services.